47 F Post Office, Rajasthan

47 F Post Office is a B.O (Brance Post Office). It is located at Ganganagar (district) Sriganganagar (division), Ganganagar of Rajasthan (RJ) state, Pincode: 335073. This Postoffice falls under Ganganagar postal division of the Rajasthan postal circle.

Full Address: 47 F, Ganganagar, Rajasthan, 335073

47 F B.O Post Office Details

Related Head Office Sriganganagar H.O
Related Sub Office Srikaranpur S.O
47 F Post Office Contact Number NA
Postal District / Postal City / Postal Town Ganganagar
Postal Division Sriganganagar
Postal Region Jodhpur
Postal Circle Rajasthan
Postal State RAJASTHAN (RJ)

Find Below Services Provided By 47 F Post Office:

Service Type Offered (Yes or No)
Mail Services Yes
Parcels Yes
Retail Services Yes
Premium Services Yes
Speed Post Yes
India Post Speed Post Tracking Yes
Tracking System Yes
India Post Tracking Number Formats Yes
Express Parcel Post Yes
Media Post Yes
Greetings Post Yes
ePost Office Yes
Philately Yes
Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Yes
Electronic Indian Postal Order Yes
Information Services Yes
Track & Trace Yes
Complaints & Guidelines Yes (visit www.epostoffice.gov.in to post your complaints)
Financial Services Yes
Savings Bank (SB) Account Yes
Recurring Deposit (RD) Account Yes
Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) Yes
Public Provident Fund (PPF) [Monthly] Yes
Time Deposit (TD) Yes
Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS) Yes
National Savings Certificate (NSC) Yes
Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP) Yes
Sukanya Samriddhi Accounts (SSA) Yes
Recruitment Yes (Please visit www.indiapost.gov.in/recruitment.aspx to apply)


Full Address: 47 F, Ganganagar, Rajasthan, 335073

Contact Details:

Office Name 47 F
Address 47 F, Ganganagar, Rajasthan, 335073
Phone Number / Telephone Number NA
Webiste https://www.indiapost.gov.in
ePost Office Website URL https://www.epostoffice.gov.in

Definition of Post Office:

A post office is a public facility that provides mail services, including accepting of letters and parcels, providing post office boxes, and selling postage stamps, packaging, and stationery. Post offices may also offer additional services, which vary by country.

There are 3 Types of Post Offices in India

Abbreviation Stands For
H.O Head Office
B.O Branch Office
S.O Sub Post Office (includes E.D. Sub-Offices)


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47 F Post Office And It's PinCode Details

Usually Post Office(s) are named after the city/ villa/ position they serve. The 47 F has the Postal Index Number or Pin Code 335073. A Pincode or a Postal Code is a 6 number post law of postal numbering system used by India Post. The first number indicates one of the regions. The first 2 integers together indicate the sub region or one of the postal circles. The first 3 integers together indicate a sorting/ profit quarter. The last 3 integers relate to the delivery post office type.

Post Office Pin Code
47 F P.O 335073

47 F Post Office Services

The primary function of 47 F post office was collection, processing, transmission and delivery of matters but as of moment, a Post Office offers numerous other vital services in addition to its traditional services. The fresh services handed by a Dak Ghar include – Post Services, Financial Services, Retail Services and Premium Services.

Mail Services

Mail Services are the introductory services handed by 47 F Post Office. Matters and correspondence services include all or any postal papers whose contents are in the form of communication which may include Letters, Cards, Inland letter cards, packets or parcels, Ordinary matters etc.


Mail Service also includes transmission and delivery of Parcels. A parcel can be anything ranging from a single written letter or anything addressed to an addressee. No parcel shall be by any chance be in a shape, way of quilting or any other point, similar that it can not be carried or transmitted by post or beget serious vexation or threat. Every parcel ( including service parcels) that needs to be transmitted by post must be handed over at the window of the post office. Any parcel plant in a letter box will be treated and charged as a registered parcel. Delivery services are handed by some named delivery and branch post services. This dakghar have the installation of Delivery, therefore the people of 47 F and near points can mileage all the types of correspondence services.

Retail Services

Post services in India serve in colorful ways and 47 F Post Office offer utmost of the retail services. They offer the installation to accept or collect constomer bills like telephone or mobile bills, electricity bills for Government and private associations through Retail Post. Some of the aditional agency services that Post services offers through retail services are as follows-Telephone profit collection,e-Ticketing for Road Transport Pots and Airlines, Trade of UPSC forms, university operations, Trade of Passport operation forms, Trade of Gold Coins, Forex Services, Trade of SIM and recharge tickets, Trade of India Telephone cards,e-Ticketing of Railway tickets etc. The postal guests of 47 F can pay their bills and mileage other retail services from this Dak Ghar.

Premium Services

Utmost of the decoration services can be profited by the 47 F peoples and near living people. The decoration services handed by 47 F Post Office are - Speed Post, Business Post, Express Parcel Post, Media Post, Greeting Post, and Logistics Post.

Speed Post

Speed Post is a time set service in express delivery of letters and parcels. The maximum weight up to which an composition or parcel be transferred is 35 kgs between any two specified stations in India. Speed Post delivers' Value for plutocrat'to everyone and everyplace, delivering Speed Post upto 50 grams@ INR 35 across the country and original Speed Post upto 50 grams@ INR 15, banning applicable Service Duty. Kindly check functionary website for streamlined Speed Post service charges.

India Post Speed Post Tracking

Speed Post offers a installation of on- line shadowing and dogging that guarantees trustability, speed and client friendly service. Using a 13 number barcode that makes a Speed Post consignment unique and identifiable. A web- grounded technology (www.indiapost.gov.in/speednettracking.aspx) helps the 47 F guests track Speed Post entrustments from reserving to delivery.

Tracking System

Except Speed Post, India Post also allows people to track their order information for certain products like Parcels, Ensured letters, Speed Post, Registered Post, Electronic Money Orders (EMO) and Electronic value outstanding parcel (EVPPs) etc. The shadowing number is available on the damage given at 47 F Post Office. Using the shadowing number postal guests can find out the date and time of dispatch of an composition at colorful locales. The time of booking and the time of delivery of composition.

India Post Tracking Number Formats

Different types of postal service have different kinds of tracking number formats. The shadowing number for Express Parcel is a 13 number alphanumeric format. The format for Express Parcel is XX000000000XX. The shadowing number for a Registered Correspondence is a 13 number alphanumeric number and its format is RX123456789IN. But a Electronic Plutocrat Order (EMO) has a 18 number shadowing number and its format is 000000000000000000. For domestic Speed Post (EMS) there's a 13 number alphanumeric shadowing number with the format EE123456789IN.

Bharatiya Dak Ghar Seva Tracking Number Format Number of Digits
Electronic Money Order (eMO) 000000000000000000 18
Express Parcel XX000000000XX 13
Registered Mail RX123456789IN 13
Speed Post (EMS) Domestic EE123456789IN 13
International EMS Artilces to be delivered in India EE123456789XX 13

Express Parcel Post

In Express Parcel Post, the 47 F postal client gets time bound delivery of parcels. These parcels will be transmitted through air or any other fastest mean available at that time. Minimal chargeable weight for which Express Parcel entrustments will be reserved is0.5 Kg. Maximum weight of Express Parcel entrustments which shall be reserved across the Post Office counter by a retail client shall be 20 Kg and maximum weight that can be reserved by commercial client is 35 kgs.

Media Post

India Post offers a unique way or conception to help the Indian commercial organisations and the Government associations reach implicit guests through media post. Through media post people can announce on cards, letters, aerogramme, postal stationary etc. Guests get to see the totem or communication of the separate commercial or government associations. The Aerogramme indeed gives the associations the occasion to make their product have a global impact.

Greetings Post

Greeting Post is yet another innovative or unique step by India Post. It consists of a card with an envelope withpre-printed and pre attached postage stamp on the envelope. The stamp on the envelope is a replica of the design that appears upon the card but in atomic form. Therefore there's no need affix postage prints on the envelope implicitly saving your time of going to post services and standing in the line. All the rules and that are applicable for the postage pretenses will also be applicable to the Greeting Post.

Logistics Post

Logistics Post manages the entire transmission and distribution side of the parcels. It deals with collection of goods, storehouse of goods, carriage and distribution of the colorful parcels or goods, from order medication to order fulfilment. And that too at the minimal possible price. Logistics Post services provides the 47 F postal client with cost-effective and effective distribution across the entire country.

ePost Office

The arrival of internet made communication veritably rapid-fire through emails. But, the internet has not yet reached utmost of the pastoral corridor of India. To change this division between pastoral & civic life, and to get the benefit of internet technology to 47 F people's lives, Indian Postal Department has introducede-post. e-post is a service in which substantiated handwritten dispatches of guests are scrutinized and transferred as dispatch through internet. And at the destination address office, these dispatches are again published, enveloped and delivered through mailmen at the postal addresses. E-post centres are established in the Post Services, covering a large geographical area including major metropolises and sections. Thesee-post centres are well equipped with internet connection, scanners, printers and other necessary tackle outfit. Still, thise-post service does n’t particularly need ae-post centre, but can this installation can be profited at any normal Post Office or you can visitwww.epostoffice.gov.in to pierce postal services on your desktop, laptop or indeed onmobile.However, the post is scrutinized and transferred to ane-post centre bye-mail and a correspondence entered ate-post centre is published and transferred to near Post Office for dispatch, If a communication is reserved at 47 F post office.

A 47 F client can also mileage these services of ane-post, at his/ her home. All he/ she has do is to register as a stoner atwww.epostoffice.gov.in website. After enrollment, a stoner can usee-post by surveying and transferring dispatches, printing and admit dispatches. The communication to be scrutinized mustn't be written in a paper not more A4. There's no limit for transferring number of wastes of dispatches ine-post.

E-Post Office offers certain services like – Philately, Postal Life Insurance, Electronic Indian Postal Order, Information Services, Track & Trace and Complaints & Guidelines services.


Philately service deals with collection, trade and study of postage prints. Philately includes lot of services Philately Information, Stamp issue Program, Prints List and Buy Prints service.

Postal Life Insurance (PLI)

A service offered by the Government to pay a given quantum of plutocrat on the death of an individual to his prescribed designee. The quantum may also be paid to the person himself, in case he survives that maturity period. The two services offered under Postal Life Insurance are – Pay Premium service and PLI information.

Electronic Indian Postal Order

eIPO or Electronic Indian Postal Order is a installation to buy an Indian Postal Order electronically by paying a figure on- line throughe-Post Office. This service is launched by the Department of Posts, Ministry of Dispatches & IT, Government of India.

eIPO can now be used by Indian Citizens living in India for paying online figure, whoever seeks information under the RTI Act, 2005. eIPO offers 2 types of services – eIPO information and payment of online freights.

Information Services

This helps 47 F guests to get information regarding certain products like – Leg Law hunt, Speed post, Banking, Insurance, Business Post, Logistics Post, IMTS and numerous further other services.

Track & Trace

The track & trace service is veritably helpful as it aids in getting information of our valuables. Track & Trace service offers 5 different services – Leg Law hunt, EMO shadowing, Speed Post shadowing, WNX shadowing and Transnational correspondence service.

Complaints & Guidelines

Using e-post office service 47 F postal costumer can access services based on – complaint registration, complaint status and guidelines on complaints.

Website Link
ePost Office Website www.epostoffice.gov.in

Financial Services

The guests of 47 F can enjoy the colorful savings schemes available in this post office that prove to be largely salutary for the people living in 47 F area. The Fiscal service offered by PO includes Savings and Postal Life Insurance (PLI). There are colorful options available to save and invest withpost-offices. The generally used bones include-Savings account, Recreating Deposit, Monthly Income Scheme, Monthly Public Provident Fund, Time Deposit, Senior Citizen Saving Scheme, National Savings Certificate, Kisan Vikas Patra and Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana. Post Office also offers Insurance product through Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Pastoral Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) schemes that offer low decoration and high perk.

Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)
National Savings Certificate (NSC)
Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)
Monthly Public Provident Fund (PPF)
Recurring Deposit (RD) Account
Savings Bank (SB) Account
Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)
Sukanya Samriddhi Accounts (SSA)
Time Deposit (TD)

Savings Bank (SB) Account

A Savings bank account serves the need of regular deposits for its guests as well as recessions. Cheque installation is also mileage by 47 F postal consumers.

Recurring Deposit (RD) Account

A post office offers a yearly investment option with handsome return at the time period with an option to extend the investment period. Insurance installation is also available with certain conditions.

Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)

MIS offers a fixed investment fashion for five or further times with yearly interest payment to the account holder. There's also a installation of automatic crediting of interest to SB account of the 47 F postal client.

Monthly Public Provident Fund (PPF)

This service offers intermittent deposits subject to a particular limit for a time period of 15 times with income duty immunity, on the investment. It also offers loan and pullout installations for the postal guests.

Time Deposit (TD)

Fixed deposit option for ages ranging from one, two, three to five times with installation to draw monthly interest offered at compounded rates. Automatic credit installation of interest to SB account.

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

Offers fixed investment option for elderly citizens for a period of five times, which can be extended, at a advanced rate of interest that are paid in daily instalments.

National Savings Certificate (NSC)

NSC is offered with a fixed investment for 5 or 10 times on instruments of colorful appellations. Pledging installation available for serving loan from Banks.

Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)

Kisan Vikas Patra is a saving instrument scheme in which the quantum Invested doubles in 110 months ( i.e. 9 times & 2 months). It's available in appellations of Rs, 5000, and Rs. Minimal deposit is Rs 1000/-and there's no maximum limit. The KVP instrument can be bought by any grown-up for himself or on the behalf of a minor. This instrument can also be transferred from one account holder to another and from one post office to another. This instrument can be en-cashed only after 2 and1/2 times from the date of issue.

Sukanya Samriddhi Accounts (SSA)

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Yojana offers a small deposit investment for the girl children as an action under'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' crusade. This yojana is to grease girl children proper education and debonair marriage charges. One of the main benefits of this scheme is that it's veritably affordable and offers one of the loftiest interest rates. Presently its interest rate is set as8.6 per annum that's again compounded yearly. The minimal deposit allowed in a fiscal time is INR. 1000/-and Maximum is INR./-. Posterior deposits can be made in multiples of INR 100/-. Deposits can be made all at a time. No limit is set on number of deposits either for a month or a fiscal time. A legal Guardian can open an account in the name of a Girl Child. Account can be closed only after completion of 21 times of the separate child. The normal Unseasonable check allowed is after completion of 18 times only if that girl is getting wedded.

Post Office Timings

The functionary working hours of Post Services vary from one another, but the general Post Office opening time starts from 0800 AM or 0900 AM or 1000 AM and the ending time is 0400 PM or 0500 PM or 0600 PM independently. The working days are from Monday to Saturday, Sunday being a vacation. This does not include the public leaves or the extended working hours. You can corroborate the working hours of 47 F Branch Post Office from the sanctioned coffers.

India Post Tracking

Online shadowing of India Post allowed 47 F people to pierce their postal composition tracking information and confirm the delivery of their postal composition by using the shadowing number assigned to them at the time of Booking. They can find the shadowing number on the Postal acknowledgement handed over to them at the 47 F Branch Post Office counter at the time of postal composition booking. Following particulars can track through the www.indiapost.gov.in/articleTracking.aspx functionary website.

  • Business Parcel
  • Business Parcel COD
  • Electronic Money Order (e-MO)
  • Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP)
  • Express Parcel
  • Express Parcel COD
  • Insured Letter
  • Insured Parcel
  • Insured Value Payable Letter
  • Insured Value Payable Parcel
  • International EMS
  • Registered Letter
  • Registered Packets
  • Registered Parcel
  • Registered Periodicals
  • Speed Post
  • Value Payable Letter
  • Value Payable Parcel

The India Post tracking system is streamlined at regular intervals to give the 47 F postal guests with the most over to date information available about the position and status of their postal composition. They'll be suitable to find out the following

  • When their postal article was booked
  • When their postal article was dispatched at various locations during its Journey
  • When their postal article was received at various locations during its Journey
  • When their postal article was delivered, or
  • When a delivery intimation notice was issued to notify the recipient that the postal article is available for delivery

47 F Post Office Recruitment

For latest 47 F post office recruitment kindly visit www.indiapost.gov.in/recruitment.aspx.

Disclaimer: All the information in this (https://www.findpostoffice.in/rj/post-office/47-f) website is published for general information purpose only. Some schemes and postal services mention here may not be available in 47 F Post Office. Kindly verify for availability of all India post saving schemes and postal services with official resources.